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Relationship and Reciprocal

I did a organization constituent import which had quite a few individual relationships - I mapped it just fine and it showed up perfectly on the relationship tab of the organization.....but then noticed that none of them showed up on the individuals record.  I since learned (realized) that I hadn't checked the "make reciprocal" box when adding relationships.  Is there anyway to correct this now so the relationships also show up on the individuals relationships records?


Thanks for any/all help.  Much appreciated.



Hi Sue,

I haven't had a chance to test this, but could you just import the same file again (using relationship matching) and check the "Automatically reciprocate relationships" box? I'm not sure off-hand (without researching or trying it) if that works when updating existing relationships (someone from support would probably be able to tell us right away!).

I imported the organization relationship onto the individual only without the 'reciprocal' and it worked beautifully! Thank you both so much. Very much appreciated.

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