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Dictionary "anything else"

I would like a dictionary that replaces one specific string with another, but any other string should be replaced by -BLANK-.  I think this is easy but I can't figure it out!

RD101 -> recurring

-> -BLANK-

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Thanks Wayne ! I'm still not clear on it though.
This is a sample of my data:
Workplace Giving
Miracle Jeans Day Holiday Edition 2013
Icon Campaign

If the value is "Miracle Jeans Day Holiday Edition 2013" I want to replace it with "Miracle Jeans". If the value is anything else, I want to replace it with "General".
ohh, I didn't realize that you wanted to replace the valid values with something else. My solution just keeps them the same but blanks out any that don't match.

How many are you trying to match?

You could still use this technique by doing something like:
Replacement Value1: VALIDMiracle Jeans
Value to Match1: Miracle Jeans Day Holiday Edition 2013

Replacement Value 2: $2
Value to Match 1: ^(VALID|.*)(.*)

HI there,

Can I do something like that, but using a field from the fields mapping as the value to be replaced?


If gift aid = yes ==> add the date from imported spreadsheet on column C

If gift aid = no ==> skip and leave it blank

I can't see how to do that using a dictionary and if I don't use one, it adds the date to all the records!

Many thanks,


Hi Grazi,

Since this functionality would require utilizing data from two different columns (if gift aid in column X = yes then populate date from column Y) it would not be possible using a dictionary.  It would be possible through a customization in the IOM API though.



Thank you John, I'll research into this! Can I use IOM API when blackbaud is the hosting or only when I host it myself?



The IOM API has been restricted in the Blackbaud hosting environment.  Customizations can still be created in the API but they would need to be created for you by Omatic, and we would then assist you with importing the customized profile into your hosting environment.



Hi John,

We are hosted by Blackbaud - so that would be fine. How do I go about finding out how this would work and how to implement / cost it?

Another thought - could I do something like that:

Virtual fields

1. Always populate from date to column Y

2. After that date has been populated, do if gift aid column X = No, then blank

Would #1 be overwritten by #2 if #2 is added after?

Many thanks,


I wasn't 100% sure of what the outcome would be in that scenario, so I tested it and it doesn't work.  The dictionary will not blank out the already populated date value.  I see that you are currently in communication with our support team regarding the pricing and implementation of the customization, so please let them know if you'd like to move forward with that.



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Thanks John. Yes, I've tried and it didn't work. I'll talk to support about the modifications. 

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