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Need way to filter out data that doesn't begin with specific characters

We are importing data, using the IOM app.  One of the columns has appeal package information.  We only want to keep values that start with "PS", and drop others.  Can this be done with a dictionary and a regular expression, or would we have to write code for this?

I'm not well versed in writing RegEx or API code, so any help would be appreciated.


You can do this with a dictionary

Replacement Value: -- BLANK --
Value to Match: ^(?!PS).*
Use RegEx: TRUE
You are a RegEx rock-star, Wayne!!! Many thanks!!
Your profile picture indicates that you might also be a rock star
LOL!  That's my golden doodle, Pee-Wee, trying to spread awareness for my organization's cause, by being adorable and wearing our colors :) 
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