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Importing Spouse Names

New user here ... tackling my first import on my own.  The profile I set up during implementation doesn't have any fields for spouse names, but I would like to add those now, so I am trying to edit my profile to include columns for spouse title, spouse first and spouse last.  This is NOT to create the spouse as a constituent, only to have the spouse name on the bio1 tab and the spouse record.  

Is the Record Type meant to be "Individual Relationship" or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thanks for the assistance!

Amanda (et al), you can disregard the last message. I figured it out from reviewing another thread about a constituent notepad import. Now I know why it says "Field U" after my Constituent Attribute Comment. It's all clear now!
Thanks Amanda! That was just what I needed.

Now I have a follow-up question! I have also mapped a column to become a constituent attribute with a single category and the data in my column populating the "description". I want to add another column that will populate the comment field of the same category/description. Is this possible? Do I use "Constituent Attribute Comment"? If so, how do I tell it which attribute to add the comment to?

Hi John,

You are correct - you'll use the Record Type of Individual Relationship.

To add those spouses as non-constituents, you'll go to Relationships-->Individual in the profile. Select either "Do not search for duplicate constituent records and add as a non-constituent record" or "Search for possible duplicates first but add as a non-constituent if no matches are found", depending on whether you want IOM to search for existing records for the spouses or not.

Then at the bottom of this screen, check the box to "Treat individual relationship in group #x as spouse". This will populate with 1; if the grouping number is different in the Field Map area of the profile, you'll change the number here to correspond to that number. Having this selected will check the box that they are the spouse and add them to the spouse area of the Bio1 tab.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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