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Checking the No Valid Address box when importing new constituents

When I am importing new constituents into Raiser's Edge, I have a virtual field set up that is supposed to check the No Valid Address box if the constituent's country is not the United States.  It is set up as follows:

Field Name = No Valid Address

Record Type = Constituent Field

Value Type = No Valid Address

Function = Copy Field from AI (which is the field that contains the country)


Dictionary applied: No valid address if address is foreign

Yes = field to match on (various countries ie., China, Japan, Tailand, etc)

No = field to match on (United States, USA, Unietd States of America)


I have tried True/false instead of Yes/No but that does not work either.


What am I doing wrong?


If you go into the Virtual Columns window and click the "Test Code" button at the bottom it will let you load some sample data and see what the profile is doing during the function and dictionary steps. That should help you figure out if the right columns and values are being set.

I believe Yes/No are the correct values to use.

You also should make sure that in the Constituents section the "Clear 'Has no valid addresses' checkbox whenever an address is added or updated" checkbox is not set. Otherwise that will uncheck the box even if you are setting it correctly in your profile.
"Clear 'Has no valid addresses" checkbox was it. Thank you!
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