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How to add constituent notepad

How could I import constituent notepad when I create new donors by using importomatic?

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Hi Todd,

Yes, you can add a Constituent Notepad at the same time you import the Constituent. My reply here is based on you having the columns in your data file. The procedure would be slightly different if you were bringing in the Notepad records via Default Values, a Raiser's Edge Default Set, or IOM Virtual Fields.

Each piece of the Notepad record has its own Record Type in the Field map. They are:

Constituent Notepad - Type (Required by RE)

Constituent Notepad - Title

Constituent Notepad - Description

Constituent Notepad - Notes

Constituent Notepad - Date (Required by RE)

Constituent Notepad - Author (RE will automatically populate this with the RE User creating the Note if no value is imported.)

The field mapping is what I refer to as "referential mapping." You will map the Type field first. The Value Type for all of the other fields will be the letter of the column for Type. If Type is in column A,then it will say:  Field A.

Since we allow you to bring in multiple Notepads at once, and we never assume your file is arranged with each set of Notepad fields neatly grouped together, this is how IOM knows which parts of each Notepad go together.

If you are using one of the other scenarios, please let me know, and I'll be happy to explain that one as well.



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