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Membership import

I am importing a new membership ID with new grad records. Some of the records in the file already exist in RE and have a memb. ID. In the membership processing i have to "skip the row" and none of the data imports. Maybe it's in the profile config? what do I need to set in the profile config to allow other data in a record row to import.? I don't want to create another membership ID. Thanks!
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Hi Becky,

It sounds like you have a mixed file with new and existing members. You aren't wanting to renew existing memberships with this file - is that correct?

Unfortunately there isn't an option to ignore any of the membership data in the membership screen. As you've noticed, the option to "Skip Row" will push the entire row to an exception file and won't process any data on the row.

What you can do is use the option to skip the row and then process the exception file in a second pass. All the rows in the exception file will be those you didn't want to renew.

For the second pass import, copy your current profile and then set all the membership data to Ignore. This will allow you to import the other pieces of data for your graduates.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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