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IOM v2.5 fix clarification

2.5 looks great!

Can you expand on what this line means?

- Matching to a non-constituent spouse now processes addresses in the same manner as full constituents

I'd like to know also.

Hi Wayne,

This is a little convoluted to type out; my apologies in advance!


Previously, when you matched to a non-constituent spouse record during an import, under these conditions:


The incoming non-cons spouse name and address are in the Constituent Fields, rather than in the Individual Relationship fields


You (correctly!) chose the existing non-constituent spouse relationship record (the one with the rings) in the Duplicate Search Matching Results screen


In this case, IOM was treating the incoming address data as though it was actually mapped to Individual Relationship Address fields, because you matched to a Relationship record. It was not obeying the settings in the profile for Addresses and New Preferred Address.

The change in version 2.5 causes IOM to now obey the settings in the profile for addresses, regardless of whether you matched to a full constituent or a non-constituent spouse, if the address data is in Constituent Address fields.


Does that help?



If I have in my RE:
Wayne Pozzar (Full Constituent)
1 First St.

Rachel Pozzar (Spouse Non-Con)
2 Second St.

Incoming from the import file
Rachel Pozzar: 3 Third St.

Where does that new address go now?

Also, what happens to email addresses in these cases? Is this going to make spouse email addresses go on the full constituent record instead of the non-con spouse record?
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