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No Forwarding Address

Hi All,
I am fairly new to both RE and IOM, so forgive me if this is obvious! We just received a list of 200+ donor names and addresses who have moved and have left no forwarding address. Ideally, I'd like to be able to automate the process of doing 3 things: Checking "Has no valid address", Unchecking "Send Mail", and changing the address type (we tend to use a type of Lost for these situation). Does anyone know of a way to do this with IOM (or any way other than one by one)?

Samantha Oleksy
Gift Processing Supervisor

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Hi Samantha and Sharifa,

I have a similar concern as Samantha's. We have about 200+ addresses that were returned to us via NCOA, marked undeliverable but without a new address. I would like to use importomatic to update them to previous address and mark them do not mail but I can not see a way to do that with out entering a new address. Since there is not a new address to enter, when I imported I did not see any of my changes applied. Do you have any suggestions for only marking bad addresses without adding a new address?

Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio
Unfortunately Jen and I are in the same boat. There are no new addresses to import. I will try to find another solution or do them by hand.

That was my guess.  Since there are only 200 at this time we won't be looking into a custom option.  Thanks for your help though!
As much as I use IOM for most tasks, in this case I suggest using RE's Global Change, under Administration.  You would need to have a constituent query with the addresses.  If you don't have a query, but have less than 500 constituent IDs in your list, you can copy and paste the IDs into a query.  Copy all of the IDs, create a new query, add "Constituent ID" "is one of" filter, scroll to the bottom of the list, paste into the very last field (nothing will appear), and press "Ok".  You will now see the constituent ID as a filter, with all of the constituent IDs.  Add that query to a global change, and set the change to update the addresses as needed.  A backup of the database is highly recommended.
You could also use RE Import. If you have the ID of the constituent and the import ID of the address that you want to change you can set all of those things through RE Import Constituent Address
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