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A question about ZIP codes

I have a file from Lexis Nexis batch services of best addresses I need to import into RE. They have put the +4 in a separate column and the file is in excel so it has stripped the leading zeros (so not helpful excel!) that makes it virtually impossible for me to use the concatenate function to pull the two columns together and get the dropped zeros in the right place in the file. I tried using custom cell formats to put the leading zeros in, then concatenate, and then copy and paste just the values; apparently the custom format isn't recognized as a value so it drops the zeros again. Sigh. Is there a dictionary out there that will fix this?


Lisa Ziska-Marchand

Cal State, Monterey Bay


Seems like you already got help from Blackbus but I will repost here in case someone else has the same question.

Subject: RE: ZIP Code problems with address imports

Thank you everyone I have a solution! The =CONCATENATE(A2,"-",TEXT(B2,"0000")) formula works beautifully.
Thank you all for your quick response, you're the best!

Thanks Wayne. Yes the Blackbus folks were quick! I was surprised at how quickly they gave me an answer, and that formula works perfectly.
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