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I am doing an import and I am getting a strange error which I cannot figure out. I am importing gifts gifts into a batch which also has Address Info in case a row contains a new constituent. I am getting the following error:

Line 1: Invalid Code table entry:  Description [Object: 'CAttribute', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: 'Work Phone', Field: 'Description', Value: 'Work Phone'] -->BBREAPI.CRecordClass.Save()-->#=q9SOVzMkuBUOZmHdWHp6$0$iubRUkLI42yr7cnWgknAM=.#=qaHaXy_iy3y2BP0mrioOZ9w==()

In my current scenario all constits already exists and I am matching on the ID. I am importing 6 gifts total. They all have work phone numbers as this is how I am getting the file. The strange thing is that 2 of the 6 records get the above error. I am not importing any Constituent attributes so i do not know why 'Object: CAttribute' is part of the msg.

When I delete all the phone numbers then there is no error.

Any suggestion as to why this might be?

Well, I just took a closer look at my configuration settings for that profile and noticed that my settings forced the program to update existing phone numbers if there is a new one in the import file (Address > Phones/Email > Update Existing and Move old Value to an Attribute).

Changing that setting to: Ignore New Value and suppress duplicate phone type notification solved my problem.

I still do not know why I got the error as it should just work. One thing I noticed is that in the 'Move old Value to an attribute' drop down box has only 1 value in it but I have 2 Address Attributes set in RE Config. Is this a bug in the system?
Hi Phillip, check the data types of the address attributes, the attributes in the list are filtered based on that.


This happened to me too. Here's why:

As you've identified, the setting you've identified places the old phone number in an Address Attribute. If that attribute is a table and doesn't have the proper entry in the table (eg Work Phone in your example) it errors out. This wasn't the case until the upgrade to 2.3. Previously, IOM would just leave the field blank if it couldn't find the corresponding table entry.

So, in 2.2 we had this setting pointing to table that didn't have any Phone Types in it, but IOM didn't flag up the problem. In 2.3, it started erroring out. To fix this I created a new Address Attribute called Archived/Phone Email that uses the Phone TYpes table. Now it imports just fine, and I don't have to ignore the values.

For any profiles where I'm importing addresses and phone numbers, I've made this change.

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