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Importing Contact Reports/Notes/Actions/Proposals

Has anyone ever had experience with importing contact reports? I'm working on a process to automate 2/3rds of the steps in order to cut down on keystrokes/mistakes. So far it looks like I'm going to have to do 3 passes to get the steps done that can be done using import.


Pass 1 - create or update proposal & update current action.

Pass 2 - Add new current or future action, Tie action to proposal, Add contact to note tab.

Pass 3 - Add future action if new current action was added in pass 2.


From what I can tell (and I'm pretty new at this) I can't ADD a proposal and tie it to an action in the same pass - the proposal has to already exist to tie it to an action


I can't add a future action and a new action or add an action and update a separate action in the same pass.


Also - is there a way to use the same field for 2 separate record types?


Just looking for suggestions or helpful hints from anyone who has done similar processes. THANKS!

I think you probably do have to create the proposal before adding actions but you can add multiple actions in one import. You just need to increment the # column on the right side.

To use the same field for two columns you can use the "Copy Field" function with a Virtual Field using the original field as the seed value.
Oh fabulous! thank you
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