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Combining multiple fields into one for import

Hi there -

 I'm importing a .csv file that has split out phone numbers into three separate fields: area code, phone number, extension. (Eg. "416","4824444","8806") I'd like to combine them into one and import into a phone field. Previously I've been doing this using the concatenate function in excel and overwriting one of the fields, but would prefer to skip this step.

 Is there a regex for combining separate field values, or another method?



Hi Gregg,

Unfortunately a RegEx wouldn't be able to concatenate these fields for you. Doing this step in excel is the way to go.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
Hi Amanda -

Thanks for letting me know.


You're welcome Gregg.

I also wanted to mention that this is something that could be accomplished by the IOM API. If you have a resource that can program in Visual Basic (VB/VBA) then they would be able to write this customization for you. You can have that person check out the API documentation to get started: 

If you do not have such a resource, we can provide this customization as a service. 

Many thanks,
Omatic Support

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