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Updating Print Name Tag to No

I sure thought this would be easy, but I keep getting exceptions on every line stating

Line 1: Required Field Missing: Name [Object: 'CParticipant', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '', Field: 'Name', Value: ''] -->BBREAPI.CParticipantClass.Save()-->#=q8ewjuR167MPG1NKDGdOVfZj8OFlHN0pfocoICyxTrsM=.#=qVfk0Hzrx29gx_2JQfWOrMQ==()

All I want to do is change the Print Name Tag to from "Yes" to "No" in RE.  My csv file consists of the following

Constituent ID Print Name Tag Participant Name Event Name Event Import ID
20 No Daniel J. Murphy 0905 FOMI Luncheon 01638-596-0000000012

I only have these 2 fields configured, the rest are ignored.

B Print Name Tag Participant Print Tags
E Event Import ID Participant Import  ID

Can anyone decipher what the error wants?



Seems like it wants a name, I suspect because you are not specifying which participant is to be updated, just giving it the event ID instead of a participant ID?

Thanks Wayne.  I mapped the Constituent ID (which is the participant) but I get the same error.  I'll go search for the participant id and re-configure the profile.

Well, I can't seem to find a participant id.
I mapped:
A Constituent ID Constituent Field ID
B Print Name Tag Participant Print Tags
C Participant Name Participant Name Tag Text
D Event Name Ignore
E Event Import ID Participant Import ID
F Event ID Participant Event ID

and although I didn't get any errors, it didn't update anything either!
Back to the drawing board.

DOINK to me!!!! I forgot to change the Yes to worked after that!
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