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Add spouse as nonconstituent

Hi fellow Importomatic users!

I'm very new to Importomatic, but I'm excited to have discovered a powerful tool to help make data entry a breeze.

Anyway, I can't figure out how to add new spouses as nonconstituents. I'm trying to add a new constituent, for example, but I don't want the spouse/partner to have his own record at this point. Importomatic, however, can't validate the import without the spouse/partner's constituent code, effectively adding it as a constituent. 

What are the settings to simply add spouses as nonconstituents when importing new constituents?

Many thanks in advance,

Joanne D.

Fundraising and Special Events Coordinator, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Hi Joanne,

Glad to have you on board! I think that either of these two settings (outlined in red, below) should add your spouse relationships as non-constituents. Is this not what you're finding?



This is one of my "DUH!" moments... Thanks for the help, Jeff!

No worries, there's a lot of options in there! :)
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