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Importing Amendments to Recurring Gifts

Good afternoon.


We have done a Upgrade campaign for our Direct Debits, and rather than manually update all the Direct Debits with new Funds, Appeals and Schedules. We are wondering if we can do an Amendment Import.


I have had a look aroung the available fields on IOM, but am unsure if it is possible or not.



Hi Terry,

In IOM version 2.4 we added the ability to import recurring gift amendments.

You'll need the gift ID or gift import ID of the recurring gift you're wanting to amend in your data file. The record type you'll use in your profile is RG Amendment.

Here are the fields you can amend or include:

* Acknowledge
* Acknowledge date
* Amount
* Appeal
* Authorization code
* Bank: Account number
* Bank: Branch Name
* Bank: Financial Institution
* Bank: Primary Bank Information
* Bank: Transit/Routing no.
* Campaign
* Cardholder name
* Check date
* Check number
* Credit card number
* Credit type
* Date
* Date 1st Pay
* EFT?
* Expires on
* Fund
* Gift subtype
* Installment frequency
* Letter code
* Notes
* Package
* Pay method
* Reference date
* Reference number
* Schedule day of month
* Schedule day of month 2
* Schedule ending date
* Schedule month
* Schedule monthly day of week
* Schedule monthly ordinal
* Schedule monthly type
* Schedule semi-monthly day type 1
* Schedule semi-monthly day type 2
* Schedule spacing
* Schedule weekly day of week
* Send prenotification
* Send prenotification units
* Solicitor Constit ID or RE User Name
* Solicitor Import ID
* Solicitor System ID

ImportOmatic version 2.4 has not been released into hosting yet. Stay tuned for notification from Blackbaud that 2.4 is being released.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Hi Amanda,

We have been waiting for the new feature of IOM to upload all of our TM upgrade data in our go. I am just testing on the new 2.4 version from our exisitng upgrade profile (without RG update) trying to map upgrade data fileds in our existing profile to the new added RG Amendment fields.

Also in configuration, I've ticked boxes for "Process Split Gifts", "Process split gift amendments and "Add splits to existing gift splits".

All fields seem to have been mapped to the right RG Amendment including using GiftImport ID of RG Amendment for RGALink. But when trying to save the profile, I got an error below:

'Unable to save porfile: You must have a gift ID column in order to process split gifts.'

From what I understand in your post above, either Gift ID or Gift Import ID as amendment link should work. We use Gift Import ID as some of our old gifts created before RE7 don't even have Gift IDs available.

For your reference, our mapping for RG upgrade part is shown as below (I have to type them one by one as IOM seems unable to export the profile layout):

gift_import_id -> Gift Field: Import Id

RGASplitAmt(upgrade amount) ->RG Amendment: Amount

RGASplitAppeal(upgrade appeal) ->RG Amendment: Appeal

PackageID(upgrade package) ->RG Amendment: Package

RGASplitCamp(upgrade campaign) ->RG Amendment: Campaign

RGASplitFund(upgrade fund) ->RG Amendment: Fund

RGAdate ->RG Amendment: Date

RGAlink ->RG Amendment: Gift Import ID

RGAInsFreq ->RG Amendment: Installment frequency

RGAInsNumDay ->RG Amendment: Schedule day of month

RGAInsStartDate ->RG Amendment: Date 1st Pay

GFPayMeth ->RG Amendment: Pay method

GFCCType ->RG Amendment: Credit Type

GFCardHolderName ->RG Amendment: Cardholder name

GFCCNum ->RG Amendment: Credit card number

GFCCExpOn ->RG Amendment: Expiry

BSBSBNum ->RG Amendment: Bank: BSB Number

BSFinInstit ->RG Amendment: Bank: Financial Institution

BABranch ->RG Amendment: Bank: Branch Name

BAAccName: ->RG Amendment: Bank: Account Name

BAAccNum ->RG Amendment: Bank: Account Number


Is it possible that you could take a look to see if I have missed something or what i have done wrong?


Thanks so much,

Kind regards,


Luke Zhao

WWF Australia

Hi Luke,

You can always export your IOM profile and email it to us. To send the profile:

* IOM Configuration
* Profiles tab
* Highlight the profile you are using
* Right click on its name and choose to export
* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_.xml

In this file, are you importing split gifts in addition to amending recurring gifts? If not, you won't need to check the option to "Process split gifts". You also won't need to map that first Gift Import ID. Only the second import ID you have mapped to RG Amendment: Gift Import ID is needed.

When you have the options "Process split gift amendments" and "Add splits to existing gift splits", this will add the imported information to the existing recurring gift as a split.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Hi Amanda,


Thanks so much for your help.

After removed that first Gift Import ID, I was able to save the profille (unticked 'Process split gift' as it is to do with split gift import other than amendment), and then upgrade test import worked perfectly!


The first Gift Import ID that I put in for Gift Field is trying to be used for updating other gift fields which are not available under RG Amendment, like GFRef, GFGiftCode. Removing this Gift Import ID is not a big issue for us in upgrade data Import. But for reactivation data import, we not only add a RG amendment, but also update the same RG's Status and Status Date apart from GFRef and GFGiftDate updates.

Not sure if the new version could update gift fields. If not, perhelps we are still not able to use it for reactivation data import.

I've tried to use GiftImport ID of gift field to update the above gift fields in reactivation upload the same time when uploading RG Amendment, but failed with an error below:

Line 1: Required Field Missing:  Fund [Object: 'CGift', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '19/09/2013 Recurring Gift $0.00 - Raymond M Chandler', Field: 'Fund', Value: ''] -->BBREAPI.CGiftClass.Save()-->#=q15DfHjD12nLU$O8N$eiFuv6UOSec53tX$yAuuJN1DBQ=.#=qsDwM$SRdil0PKIlyIXm$5g==(Int32 #=qxjbG5BOz0gviiwuhATiD2g==, CFieldDefaultServer #=qmESv$B7xLR_6U2dla6vuQw==, Int32 #=qA3Q1yRD$pHvwFYF5JLZVcA==, Int32 #=qh_AD34WWwcX0vOPvAtyUbw==, Int32 #=qva1E8KVUAPJUZGL8b94nYg==, IBBConstitUIHelper #=qPRXlL4bLB_Fxkz4GRiNKlQ==, String #=qbkylZHsbglEza9Opobi4JA==, Int32& #=qWtsR5EVAyr5x_C7D64vFTNF3tSlJJ838nk3azqqAPlU=, StreamWriter&


I was able to export both upgrade and reactivation new version testing profiles to .xml. I'll send you an email to your support team with the two /xml files attached later.


Thanks very much for all your support!


Kind regards,

Luke Zhao


Hi Luke,

Thank you for sending in your profiles!

Unfortunately, IOM is not able to update standard gift fields. The record type of Gift Field is used for importing new gifts. Funds are required for all gifts, so this is why you're getting the error "Required field missing: Fund". IOM thinks you are trying to import a new gift, but you only have the import ID, gift code, reference and status information mapped. You will have to unmap those fields at this time.

IOM is only able to make Gift Adjustments and Recurring Gift Amendments. We should be able to update the recurring gift status, but that wasn't included in this release. I did file to have that added, and I'll add your support case to that one and will notify you when it's released.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
Hi team,

Can you please assist me with mapping my import file for import RG amendments with new splits in them for our Upgrade TM campaign? I will send an email to support with the profile that I have tried to map, which is returning the error "Unable to save porfile: You must have a gift ID column in order to process split gifts.' I am having the same problem as Luke Zhao above in that not all of our gifts have Gift IDs against them.

Many thanks,
Christina Hoey
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