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Proposal Attributes

I am now importing our contact reports, actions, proposal and moves, which saves us lots of time and cuts down on errors. I am having 1 issue that I'm not sure how to address. We record "moves' on the proposal attribute tab. I've noticed that if they category & description that I am importing are the same as the category & description that is already on the attribute, it will just update the date field. I don't EVER want it to update. I ALWAYS want it to import a new proposal attribute every single time. Is that possible? And if so - how? Thank you!

Hi Mary,

At this time, IOM does not have granular controls for Proposal Attributes, so it will update if the Category and Description match. I will file a request with our Product Development team to have the granular controls added, for Proposals, in a future release.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Thank you Tiffany - that would be VERY helpful!
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