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Send mail to this address checkbox


I've noticed a slight issue with the way new addresses are being added to records via ImportOmatic and im hoping someone can help.

I have set up our imports so that when adding a new preferred address, the "Send mail to this address" checkbox is unticked on their old address - which i assumed meant that this box would be ticked on the new address that is added.  However it isnt..

On further investigation, it appears that no addresses imported by ImportOMatic have this tick box checked, and i cannot see how to make importomatic tick it?  Any ideas?



Hi James,

Can you tell me what your current IOM version is, please?




We are on version, upgraded about a week ago




Is there any other feedback on this?

How is ImportOMatic supposed to deal with this check-box? Is it supposed to tick it when a new preferred address is added - or is it ignored completely and that's why it isn't being ticked?

By default on RE, when i add a new address this box is ticked, so i don't understand why when a new preferred address is added via ImportOMatic it isn't?

Need to work out if its something we are doing wrong or an error in our configurations as we cant keep adding new addresseswith this box unticked....



I have also had this problem, but it seems to only happen when I use Advance Address processing and check the box for "Copy data to a new alternate address record and update the existing preferred address record to preserve links".

Hi James,

My apologies for the delay!

The behavior you are reporting is incorrect. It is an issue with the IOM code, not with how your import is constructed. We've filed it with our Product Development team and will let you know when we have more information on when it will be addressed.

In the meantime, you can add a virtual field to check the "Send mail to this address" box. To do this, go to Virtual Fields in your IOM profile. Right click and choose "Add virtual field."

The field will be set up like this:

Field Name = YES

Record Type = Constituent Address Field

Value Type = Send mail to this address

Function = Static Field

The rest of the columns will remain blank.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Is this fixed yet?
Hi Wayne,

This issue is fixed in our forthcoming ImportOmatic version 2.5, slated to be released in early February.

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