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Email shown in Dupe Match Results

I am noticing that the email that is shown in the dupe match results is actually just the first email on the record instead of the email that was matched.

For example, if I have a record in RE with the emails (in this order):



If I import the email I will get a dupe match that shows it is an email match, and it will display the incoming email address, but on the record line it will only show instead of the email address that was matched.

This is especially difficult because the same "email match" icon can show up if the email is on a relationship record for example.

Doesn't it make sense to show that the email that was matched is on that record?  Especially if it is of the same type as the import profile says.

Hi Wayne,

Can you remind me what IOM version you are using, please?



2.4 ()

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for the information!

I have been able to duplicate this behavior, and after some additional testing I have been able to determine what is happening. IOM is matching on the correct email address, but it is displaying the first email address in the actual table (not the grid on the record) for that Constituent.

I will file to have this display behavior changed in a future release.



Yes, that is what is happening.

I think it should display the matched email or some other indication that it actually matched an email on that record (instead of a non-constituent record for example).

It would be extra great to see the Type of the email that was matched as well so that you can see if the types match.

I've also noticed IOM doing this for house addressees. It's the same as you describe above: It's matching properly, but displaying the top-most house address.


Hi Wayne,

Having IOM display the actual email address it is matching on, in the grid, is the change I am filing.

The icons used to indicate the type of match are displayed based on a hierarchy coded into IOM. The icon for an email address match ranks below the icon for a non-constituent spouse match. So if both data points are matched, the non-constituent spouse match icon is the one that will display in the grid.

Regarding also displaying the Type in the grid: I will file that as a Feature Request. IOM does not evaluate the Type at all in this part of the process (matching to the Constituent, versus updating the email address data), so I can't predict if Development will add that to the display grid. You might want to file it on User Voice, too!



PS We're using IOM

Hi Chris,

The behavior you are seeing for Addresses was changed in version 2.4.

From the Revision History:

- Updated duplicate search screen to always display the best address match instead of always showing preferred

You can download version 2.4 here:



That is not the behavior I am seeing.  

Take the following example (image 1):

This is a Test:

Spouse Test (non-con spouse):

Row1 (image 2): Name: This is a Test, Email:

Row2 (image 3): Name: Spouse Test,

Image 1


Image 2 


Image 3 


Hi Wayne,

In the first match screen, the match is an email match because phone and email searching does not exclude spouse relationship phones, however its not showing the actual email address it matched on - which is the display behavior I have filed to have changed.

The icon is correct because it matched on the primary constituent's name, and the spouse's email address. If you did not have an email address in the file, the results returned to you should be the same, but there would be no icon because there isn't one when a primary constituent is matched only by name and address (versus a spouse match on name).

In the second match screen, the match is on the name of the non-constituent spouse, as well as an address, which ranks higher than the email match for the record the non-constituent spouse exists on, therefore the icon is the one that indicates the match is on the spouse relationship record.

In your screen shots above, with the exception of the actual matching email address not being displayed in the grid, IOM is functioning as designed.



In the first match, since the email matched is actually on the non-constituent spouse record shouldn't it show a relationship match instead of an email match though?

The way it is now it looks like the email matched to an email on the primary record.

The logic to flag a record as an email match is separate from the logic to flag it as a spouse match. In that scenario the email is matching to a an email address so it flips that flag. Then when it gets to the logic to determine if it is a spouse match it isn't checking anything to do with email address, only your duplicate criteria that doesn't include phone or email.

After reviewing the logic we could potentially prevent IOM from returning phone/email results from spouse relationships when they match. I don't think this is the right path to take as the goal of the dupe search is to cast a wide net to get relevant results and then let the end user/auto-pick make the ultimate decision.

I think you'll see that after the issue with the email/phone always showing the first entry is resolved, the results screen will in that scenario, more accurately reflect a match.

I agree that showing the matching email correctly will help.

What is the planned display email in the case of a spouse email match? Would it show the email from the spouse or would it show one of the emails from the primary? Could you put some logic in at that point to say: if the matching email is not on the primary record output "Spouse Email Match" or something like that?

If you are just going to show the matched email address even if it's not on the record that the row represents then I think that might be misleading.

Lastly, any chance that you would show multiple match icons in the future? That might help as well!

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