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Spouses and addresses

I'm having trouble with all the options related to spouse matching.  

My import file has names and addresses from a petition.  We have spouses as non-constituent spouses in RE.  I want to use the name and address in the import file to find a match in RE, and then the import file has information which goes into an action on the correct record in RE.  There is no constituent ID in the import file.  

The searching works fine, and I can get it to find correct records, and import the action just fine.  The problem is, I don't want addresses changed, as they are already standardized in RE, whereas they are not in the import file.  Things work great if the match is to the primary constituent record.  BUT, if the match (either automatically, or by an interactive match) is to the non-constituent spouse, the existing address gets replaced by the import address, which I don't want.  (I have "always ignore new address information. . ." checked on the Addresses screen.)  I have tried all kinds of options on the Relationship screen to no avail. 

What options do I need for the above scenario?


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Hi Mary Ann,

I'm doing some testing on this for you. Would you please send your data file and IOM profile to so that I can test with your settings? To send the profile:

* IOM Configuration
* Profiles tab
* Highlight the profile you are using
* Right click on its name and choose to export
* Send me the .xml file that is created
* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_.xml

Thank you!
Omatic Support
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