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Asking to match existing spouse

I think I am seeing this behavior, let me know if this is expected.

If I am importing a with a primary and spouse, if the names are flipped in the import and the RE spouse is a non-constituent then it is asking me to match the spouse name even if that spouse already exists.

Here is the example case

Importing: Rachel Pozzar/Wayne Pozzar (primary/spouse)

RE Has: Wayne Pozzar/Rachel Pozzar (primary/spouse)

In RE, Rachel Pozzar is a non-constituent record.

Running the Import

IOM asks me to match Rachel Pozzar because she is a non-constituent

I choose her record (which has the rings next to it)

IOM then asks me to match Wayne Pozzar This is the step I am confused about

If I had imported Wayne Pozzar/Rachel Pozzar then it wouldn't ask me about Rachel.  I also think that if Rachel is a full constituent it doesn't ask me about Wayne which I think points to the fact that this happens because non-constituent spouse relationships are one-way which means IOM does not find the spouse automatically when a non-constituent is matched.

Does that make sense?  Is this expected?

Hi Wayne,

We're currently running some tests, and I would like to make sure I'm mirroring your profile settings. Will you please email a copy of your profile to To send the profile:

* IOM Configuration
* Profiles tab
* Highlight the profile you are using
* Right click on its name and choose to export
* Send us the .xml file that is created
* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_.xml

Thank you,
Omatic Support

In creating a test profile for this I narrowed down the behavior I am seeing.

When a non-constituent spouse is chosen as the match, the duplicate search for the spouse is not pulling up the primary constituent as an option.

So taking the same case as above where Wayne is the constituent and Rachel is the non-constituent.

If I import Rachel Pozzar/Wayne Pozzar then IOM will ask to match Rachel which I match to the non-constituent record but will then try to CREATE Wayne because it cannot find the record.

I will send the profile, see if you can recreate!

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