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Actions On Wrong Constituent

We discovered that actions had been added onto the wrong constitudent record - 300+ of them (too many to attempt to do manually) - I need to take those actions off of the wrong constituent and import them onto the correct one.  They ALL exist on one constituent (wrong one) and all need to get imported to the oorrect constituent.  Is this anything that IOM can do?  Ideas?  Thoughts?  Thanks!
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Hi Sharifa,

It wasn't an import that did it - it's been done over years - one person did it then everyone followed. And I realized I didn't state the problem correctly......each of these actions have added on the wrong solicitor to them.

What we've come with is to add the correct solicitor to the existing actions (that way we don't lose the time stamps, etc.) and then remove the 'wrong solicitor' from those actions.

Open to all thoughts/ideas on how to best remove the wrong solicitor - we can do it manually but would love a quicker way.

Thanks so much!
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