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Creating full records from existing relationships.


In the process of getting two systems talking to each other we have some records already on the target RE system.

So on the RE system we have previously only had the main primary constituent record and the spouse and siblings a non-constituent sub records.

With the other system all individuals have a separate account.  So we are looking to now have all records as constituents and linked via relationship and reciprocated.

Which seems to work on totally new records.  But for records that have a non-constituent records they import updates them 'okay', but doesn't create a 'real' constituent record for them.  If I manually go into the main constituent after the import run and create an individual all the details are there and it works as intended.  But that isn't a practical and viable option for large volume of data that will be handled.

So in short, how would be the best way to achieve this goal?

Great question! Currently, you cannot automatically elevate relationships during import with IOM, BUT you can do it on-the-fly during the IOM import, therefore removing the need to clean-up after an import. Page 176 of our latest user guide provides details. The API version of IOM will allow you (or a technical resource) to program IOM to do this automatically. 

Because you're wanting to do this with large quantities of data (for example, promoting all spouses to full constituents), a viable option would be The Elevator, which is an Omatic product designed to promote non-constituents based on relationship type. This product would work for you if you wanted to promote ALL the children in your parent record query, for example. If you want more info on The Elevator, feel free to contact As a side note, The Elevator has a vertical status bar that goes up and plays soothing elevator music during processing. :) 

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions! 

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Hi Amanda,

Ah, I was matching them okay. But not doing the extra step of going into the record to elevate them. Yes, for the initial volumes it wouldn't be practical or quite time consuming. I'll have to investigate the API usage to program IOM to do this automatically. Baring that I'll have to check out the "The Elevator" Omatic program, not knowing the cost, as this will most likely be a one off process will have to determine the cost to benefit ratio for it.

Thanks for the information and direction,
I guess I should have searched better, I see this answer has been posted before. When The Elevator was in BETA, I can't seem to find that product on the main site as products available, is the only method of getting info on the product via that email address?
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