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Education Records not Matching

I import up to 5 education records at a time.  I get high schools, previous college(s) and current college information to import.  I have a dictionary setup to match/convert the degree information (e.g. Bachelor of Science gets converted to BS, etc.).  I have IOM configured to match on School Name and Degree and the following issues occur:

1) The records are replicated in RE even though the information is already stored in RE.  My testing shows that when a dictionary lookup has to be done to convert the degree to BS, BA, etc. it does not consider it a match and replicates the degree, so I'm guessing the mapping occurs after the lookup, which is a bit of a problem.

2) For High Schools there is no degree, so it always replicates them.  I'm guessing this is becuase it does not consider a blank value as a match. Is that the case?  For the universities we cannot match on just school name, because multiple degrees could have been earned from the same university.  It looks like my only option for this is to do 2 separate imports and import the HS's based only on School Name and the universities by both.


Thanks for your help, Anne

Hi Anne,

I am researching your issues and will post a reply tomorrow.


Thanks for your patience!



Hi Anne,

I tested your scenarios in the most current version of ImportOmatic (IOM), version

I am unable to find any issues with matching based on School Name and Degree, with a dictionary to translate "Bachelor of Arts" to "BA". My dictionary was based on the Degrees table in RE, so I only needed to add the Values to Match on for the corresponding RE table entries (Replacement Values).

When you say IOM is "replicating the degree" I am unsure what, specifically, you mean. Do you mean you are getting duplicate Education Relationships, or are you getting new entries in your Degrees table in RE?

If you are getting new entries in the Degrees table, then either:

* The Replacement Values entries in your dictionary are not direct matches to the table entries in RE,


* The Values to Match On entries in your dictionary are not direct matches to, or do not exist for, what is in your data file.

RE sees the resulting data it is being handed as a new entry into the table. In order to get new entries in the table, the setting to "Add Table Entry value if it does not already exist" must also be selected. This is in the General Settings portion of each profile.

If you are getting new Education Relationships, this is likely because the Degree does not match due to one of the issues with your dictionary that I listed above. Since it cannot match BOTH criteria (School Name and Degree), it creates a new Education Relationship.

Please carefully inspect your Degrees dictionary for accuracy and completeness of the entries.

The issue you are experiencing with High Schools turns out to be a code issue in IOM. As you suspected, the blank value for Degree is not being seen as a match. This has been filed with Product Development and will be resolved in a future release of IOM. I do not have any information on specifically when it will be resolved, though I do not expect it to be included in version 2.3 as of this writing.

Unfortunately, you are correct that due to the issue with the blank Degree not being seen as a match, you will have to perform two passes against your file until it is resolved so that High Schools can be matched on School Name only and Colleges on School Name and Degree.

Please be sure you are subscribed to the ImportOmatic Updates forum so you will be notified of all new releases. The release notes will indicate what has been resolved in each release.

Thank you for your patience!


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