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Direct Debits

Good Morning/Afternoon


I am having a wonderful day with Importomatic, set up a few profiles for my Direct Debits (new instructions and payments) and they all worked which was even better. However, i have hit a bit of a wall.


Once every couple of weeks we recieve a file of all cancelled Direct Debits, and i have been trying to create an import on IOM that will Import Gift attributes and also update Gift Statuses.


I have set this Import up on Raisers Edge before, but cant seem  to be able to get IOM to do it too. Anyone with any bright ideas?



Terry - can you explain what you tried to do and why it did not work. And if you were able to get it to work using RE import before - why are you thinking you need IOM to now do it. I tend to use IOM where RE import fails - not when it works.

Hi Terry,

If you update your direct debit gifts with an adjustment, this post explains the fields you use when importing gift adjustments.

If you need to make a gift amendment, we are currently adding that functionality to IOM. Please visit this post and add your feedback.

Thank you!
Omatic Support

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