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Attribute on Preferred Address

I'm new to ImportOMatic and so far have been able to everything I need.  However there is one use case that I can't achieve.  I need to add an attribute to the preferred address of each constituent in an import file.  Can I do this, and do I have to use the API?



Thank you, in the meantime is it possible to do this via the API?
Hi John,

Yes, you should be able to do this via the API.

Do you have a programmer on your staff? If so, have that person check out the API documentation to get them started:
If not, we have some talented staff that could help research this with you based on your desired outcomes.

Thank you!
Omatic Support

Hi John,

If you care to take a crack at it yourself with the API, please post your question (with specifics) in our IOM API forum and somebody will most likely respond with some sample code demonstrating how it would be done.



Thanks Amanda and Jeff. We have some programming skills here - we will have a try and see how we do.
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