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Gift Import ID

HI.  I was wondering if you could tell me if its possible to update a Recurring Gift's Status and Status Date by mapping the below - or will it create a new cash gift connected with the recurring gift? (basically we need up update a lot of recurring gifts with new Gift Status Date and Gift Status and would prefer not to do it manually)

* Gift Field > Import ID (Using the GIft Import ID)

* GIft Field > Gift Status (to import the New Gift Status of the gift)

* Gift field > Gift Status date (to import the new Gift Status Date)


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Hi Erin,

I think what you are asking for the ability to import recurring gift adjustments. IOM does not (yet) support this (there's a lot to it) but it is on our suggestion list on UserVoice. To help keep this issue on our radar, please add your vote for this suggestion here:

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