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Importing Two Addresses - Same Address, but different Type

I am able to import 2 addresses when the address is different by using 2 different imports; however, when I want to add the same address to a record with a different addresses type, it overrides the type in the 2nd load and only keeps 1 address.  

You may wonder why I would want to do this?  When we know that a student's home address is the same as their parent's address we put it on the record twice - once with a type of "Home" and the 2nd with a type of "Parents Home."  Then when they move out their Home is replaced with their new address and we still know that the Parent's address.

Is there any way to do this in IOM.  For now I will do this via RE import, but would prefer to handle the entire process with IOM.

Thanks, Anne

Um - why isn't the parent on the relationship tab with the address there?
Hi Anne,

That functionality is coming in IOM 2.3, due out late March/early April.

The option is "Always add new addresses for constituent record types". It doesn't even look at the similarity score, just adds a new address.

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Omatic Support
Thanks Amanda.

In response to Melissa - the parent may not be in our database because they didn't graduate from here. We link them if they are both alumni, but parent's aren't loaded in if they aren't alumni.
I was not suggesting the parent have a full record (although I probably would consider them prospects and think they should have a record) - but they can minimally be on the relationship tab of the student as a non-constituent relationship with the address there. No reason to create a special address type in my experience.
This way you also get the benefit of their names!
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