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Direct Debit Payments



I have an annoying problem with an import i am trying to do using IOM. I am importing (or trying to) DD payments, but a required field on our DB for the import is Bank. I have mapped the file i am trying to import correctly choosing Gift Field then Bank: Bank Name. But am getting an error of


Bank 'Lloyds TSB Bank PLC' does not exist on the constituent record and could not be created.


I have checked the record in question and it does exist in the Constituent record as well as on the Gift Record, and am clueless as to why this error is occuring.


Help needed and appreciated



Hi Terry,

I am able to recreate the error you are reporting under these conditions:

* A bank relationship exists on the Constituent record and it has Sort Code and/or Branch information on the relationship record.

* I am not supplying the matching Sort Code and/or Branch information for that bank relationship in my import.

An incoming bank with a blank Sort Code and/or Branch is seen by Raiser's Edge as an entirely different bank from one that has a Sort Code and/or Branch.

Please supply the matching Sort Code and/or Branch information in your import file, and map these fields in your profile, and the error should resolve.

The fields you will map are:

Gift ---> Bank: Sort Code

Gift ---> Bank: Branch Name

I asked the Development team if we could improve this error for the future, but unfortunately this error comes directly from Raiser's Edge, therefore we will not be able to alter to make it more clear. :-(

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Tiffany, you are a star, Thank you so very much

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