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Address linking for spouse relationships


New user, in my searches found this thread on Relationships and Linked addresses.  But it doesn't offer a solution

I'm currently importing new records with a main constituent and a spouse record.  The spouse is being created as an individual consituent, but I'm not sure of the correct method to get the main constituent and spouse relationship record/individual addresses linked.

So that any changes to the main, affect the linked spouse.

I had originally created virtual fields to populate the spouse address, but then it's indicated as linked 'yes' for the spouse address by not for the main one and they don't affect each other once imported.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I'm hoping this can be applied to update imports as well, not just initial record creations.

Thanks for the reply Sharifa,

So the short answer is, that Import-O-Matic (standard) cannot in one profile import process create both the primary constituent, spouse constituent and populate/link the address for the both records?
Hi Sharifa,

Yes I was directed to IOM.UserVoice forum after my last post and have created an entry for that suggestion. Hopefully I've worded it right so others see the benefit and it gets some attention.

Hopefully it'll see inclusion in a future release.

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