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How do you... Import a profile that was saved as XML?

I'm trying to move a profile that WORKS from our test server to our live production server.  I have exported the profile (as an XML), but that's as far as I'm getting.  How do you import it from there?  I'm sure Callie covered this in one of our training/implementation sessions, but I can't find anything in my notes that list the step by step & I'm not having any luck trying to REMEMBER.  I know there's a way - I did it once!

Hi Dovie! Try these steps...

1) Don't let this imported profile be the very first one listed in the test db. You need at least one profile listed there in order to upload the XML. Go ahead and create a new profile like you did during training (by clicking "add" and selecting a csv file). Give that first "blank" profile an ID and mark it as a default.

2) Select the existing profile you just made by single-clicking on it in the list. Now, press the control key and right click that profile until you see an option to "Import a new profile from XML". Select that option and upload the XML file you exported from the live database. It may warn you that some items on the profile don't exist (like perhaps the an attribute), just click OK, those items will appear un-mapped in the new imported profile.

I hope this helps! AB

Control - Click!    I knew it was simple.......

Thank you!

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