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Updating dictionary replacement values

Hi, I am a very new IOM/RE user, so please bear with me as I try to explain my question clearly.

I have a data file that lists people who've participated in certain programs, and I want to add this information to RE as an Attribute: the program name in the Category column, the exact week of the program in the Description column, and the name of the participant as a Comment. I called IOM support yesterday and learned that I have to write a dictionary to handle *exact* matching of the data file's program abbreviations, with the full text I want in the Description column in RE Attribute tab. So I went ahead & made the dictionary -- EXCEPT as I got to the end of the file, I realized I hadn't fully anticipated all possibilities, and I needed to add more entries to the RE table that populates that particular Description column. So I went to RE, updated the table, but now do I have to re-create the whole dictionary in IOM? Or is there someway to re-populate a dictionary's replacement values, when the RE table is updated from which the replacement values were pulled when the dictionary was created?

...I should clarify, I meant automatically pull the exact replacement values that I just added to the RE table. I know I can manually add replacement values to the IOM dictionary.

Hello Joanna,

At this time, you aren't able to refresh a dictionary to add newly added table entries. There is a suggestion on our UserVoice site, and you can add your vote to it.

Luckily you don't have to recreate the whole dictionary. You will have to manually add the new table entry values in the "Replacement Values". In the Replacement Value, type in the new table entry and hit enter or the + sign. Then add the "Values to Match on" as usual by highlighting the new Replacement Value and entering the value from your data file.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you,
Omatic Support

I was replying as you entered your second post! :)

You can add your vote to the suggestion in the above post.

Perfect Amanda, that's exactly what I was asking, although not the answer I was hoping for. ;) Thanks for understanding and explaining, and I"ll go add my vote!
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