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Artez Exporting

Good morning,

We recently signed up for IOM and I am loving it already. I have a quick question though. I am curious to see if anyone else is using Artez Interactive for your online processing. And if so, what report are you using to export out the gift information to import? Is there a report that is already created or would a custom report be the best way to go?

Shemi Smith

Hi Shemi, I used to import donations from Artez into RE.....and now I work with Artez!

There are two different ways I've imported data. One was using the more automated export tool offered by Artez (REDC - Raisers Edge Data Connector) of which I had modified so that the data export matched my needs.

The second option is to use the CSV export option from the export tab on the Artez backend. Depending on what data you are actually looking to import into RE you can setup an import template in IOM that reads the Artez file in the same format it is exported in.

You may have to do a bit of data manipulation to remove the Transaction Types that you don't want to import, but it's been a few years since I've used IOM so perhaps it has been updated to cater for different transaction types in one file.

Hope that helps!

Duncan Owen
Thank you so much for your reply Duncan. I guess the best way to ask this is "Is there a report in Artez that will give me all of the financial information (gift amount), as well as, the address information and Event ID regardless if its a donation or a purchase to import into IOM? Right now I am running 3 different reports (snapshot, reconciliation and purchase). I was just trying to see if there was a report that was already created that would have all of this information in a report before the cleanup in Excel or is this a report that would have to be customized?

Also, I don't think that I have access to REDC because we are hosted, correct?

This maybe a little late.. The option you are looking for is under the Export tab. Choose the CSV option to download all transactions since your last request.
Sorry notifications were going to an old email address.

The export tab in Artez is the best way to export all the data at once. Chad is also correct in that you should choose the CSV option. From there just filter the transactions by donations or registrations (in Excel) and delete the rest of the data you don't want to import.

The REDC is not currently available, so no need to consider that one at this point!
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