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Blank Field Updates in addresses?

I have a quick question for updating addresses.  I have recently gotten a file of updated address lines with no zips.  If I ask IOM to update ("Update selected" in Advanced Address Processing), is it going to replace my existing zips with a blank field or will it only update where the data exists on the import file?  I didn't see a setting to specify that but feel like I may have missed it somewhere. 


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Hi Kim, 

According to a test import when choosing to Match to Selected Record and opting to Update the existing address, ImportOmatic does indeed leave the original ZIP codes alone. However, if you Match to Selected Record and choose to Add as Is, IOM will not copy over the ZIP code from the previous address and process the incoming address according to the rules set within IOM Configuration -> (your profile)  -> Addresses -> New Preferred Address & Phones/Emails. 

Hopefully this has answered your question. Also, welcome to the Omatic Forums! 


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