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Gift Field > Master Id

Can someone help me understand the use of:

Record Type: Gift Field

Value Type: Master ID


The only information I could find is New "Master ID" types. IOM could already take a single value and figure out a Campaign/Fund/Appeal/Package, but now has even more methods for determining that. The Master ID could be a Fund ID (from which it gets the default appeal and campaign), or even the name of a Gift Default Set.



Does that mean if I set the Fund ID to have campaign A and Appeal B as default, the using a masterID being the same as the fund ID will default the remaining fields?


How about the Gift Default Set? Master Id same name as the default set?




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Hi Callie,

Thanks you for your response, I tried out Appeal as Master ID and the default Fund and Campaign pre-fills as expected.
This certainly saves a lot of time when you import a list that has different Appeals, Fund and Campaign.

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