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Import Individuals and Businesses

I am curious to know what the best process is to import both businesses and individuals with one profile, or do people typically keep these separate?

With this particular profile I am trying to create, I would also need to mark NEW accounts only with an attribute, leaving old account without the attribute. Any tips on doing this?

I will import orgs with individuals (orgs have org names and individuals have first and last names). But for new constituents who need an attribute (we do as well) we import them separately through a different profile) we happen to know which are new and which are not.

Hi Katie,

With ImportOmatic, you can easily import Organizations and Individuals in the same file. As Melissa indicates, IOM determines if a record is an Individual or an Organization based on data being present in one of two fields:

Constituent Field ---> Last Name = Individual record

Constituent Field ---> Org Name = Organization record

An easy way to add something to only new records is to leverage Default Sets from Raiser's Edge in your IOM profile. When used in IOM, Default Sets are only applied to new records created during the import.

Default Sets are configured in RE (Tools on the menu bar, Organize/Create Defaults), and then you select them for use in your IOM profile(Defaults ---> Default Field Values ---> Choose the desired Default Set(s) here).

If you need to add Attributes to both Organizations and Individuals, then you will want to create one Default Set for Individuals and one for Organizations, each containing the desired Attributes. You will then select a Default Set for each record type in the Defaults section of your IOM profile. If you already use Default Sets with your import, you can simply add the desired Attributes to the ones you are using now.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



However if you only want to add an attribute if you are adding a new record, and not if you are updating an existing record, default sets will not work.
Actually default sets should work great for that, as default sets are only applied to new constit records.

To add to the above -- do I need fields for the business address as well as the individual address, or if the file has one address and I identify the line as a business, does it then create the address as a business address?
Hi Katie,

You will map the organization's contacts as you have for columns E and F. The Record Type is Individual Relationship and the Value Type is Last Name, etc. The phone and email will use Record Type = Individual Phone - Number and Individual Email - Address.

Then use incremental numbers in the grouping column. Columns H - J will have 2, K - N will have 3, and so on. Only the rows with an Org name should have data in these columns, so IOM will know to add them as relationships to the Org.

You will not need to add fields to differentiate between the individual and business address as IOM will see that this row has an Organization name so it will create a business address.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Many thanks,
Omatic Support
I was able to speak with support on this and have since gotten the report working!
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