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Remove Existing Membership - Before/During Importing New

We're going to be removing some old memberships and no longer want them in the system before importing the new memberships.  Is there a way to have IOM remove the one membership that exists all together and then import the new?  Thanks for any/all help.  Much appreciated.  Sue

Unfortunately, it is import O matic - not delete O matic. :(

Would it be a problem to simply use the same Import IDs and overwrite the old ones instead? Then IOM probably could do the job.
Hi Sue,
While the current out-of-the-box functionality will not accomplish this, we do have a very robust API within ImportOmatic (it's free!) that could possibly accomplish these tasks. Do you have a programmer on your staff? If so, have that person check out the API documentation to get them started:
If not, we have some talented staff that could help research this with you based on your desired outcomes.
Do let us know if we can help in any way!
Many thanks,

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