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Soft crediting records


Is it possible to create soft credits through IOM?

Do you need to add soft credits to existing gifts? or create new gifts with soft credits on them?
create new gifts with SC. I know you cant do it with existing gifts have literally just finished reading that post
I have not done this yet - but in looking at configuration I can see that if you select gift field from the record type, you can select Soft Credit Constituent ID or Soft Credit Constituent Import ID. So apparently you will need the ID of the person in order to do this.
Hi Terry,

Melissa is correct - you'll need either the Constituent ID or the Constituent Import ID for the person receiving the soft credit. This ID will be mapped to Record Type = Gift Field and Value Type = Soft Credit - Constituent ID or Soft Credit - Constituent Import ID

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
Hi Amanda,

Is there a way to specify the amount to soft credit if different from the gift amount?

Hi Emil,

Currently only the full gift amount is soft credited. However, there is a suggestion on our UserVoice site that you can vote on to be able to soft credit different amounts:

Thank you!
Omatic Support
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