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security rights for Import-o-Matic

We'd like one specific person to have access to Import-o-matic through a citrix server but not any other users who may access RE through Citrix. 

We'd like to either restrict access to the plugins section of RE completely or per plugin. Is there a way through security to restrict access? There is no checkbox for plugins when setting group rights. And i don't see any security settings in the plugin itself other than setting than allowing supervisors access to configuration.


Hi Joshua,

The Raiser's Edge does not have any way for you to restrict access to Plugins from its security settings, as far as we know. ImportOmatic (IOM) does not have its own security settings, other than the restriction on Configuration access that you mention, at this time.

The only way to restrict user access in the way that you desire is to give that one user their own set of RE workstation executables and have it be the only set with IOM installed. I realize this may not fit in with how your Citrix environment is configured.

This is a great suggestion for our User Voice site.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Joshua, can you create a separate Citrix image for that user?
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