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Using IOM to link Sphere (formerly Kintera) and Raiser's Edge

I am in the beginning stages of IOM installation and am having a difficult time extracting a usable datafile from Sphere (Kintera). Specifically, I need a mapping document detailing where the information lives in Sphere compared to where it will ilve in Raiser's Edge, once it's imported. To date, Sphere has not been able to assist me in that most of the fields I'd like to map are hidden or embedded in the software so that I can not view the data housed there.

Is anyone else using IOM to link Sphere and Raiser's Edge?

Hi Corliss,

I have been using IOM and Sphere/RE together for about a year now...let me know what you're trying to do in more detail and I would be happy to help! Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Debbie,

Thank you SO much for your response. I'm in the first stages of the installation, so at this point, I am simply attempting to get a sample data file from Sphere to IOM that has registrations, donations, and tribute information in one file.
Unfortunately, you can't do it all in one export. However, I can give you some pointers on how to break it up. I'm going into an all-day meeting, but could talk by phone tomorrow morning at about 11am central time - if that works for you, you can email your phone number - Thanks!
Corliss, Debbie makes a good point here. We do export only one file for import into Sphere, but all of the fields we need can be pulled from the Payment Detail Report. We have made the determination that RE is our fundraising database. Sphere is our thon database. The only info we bring into RE is the donor info. We've noted that donors to thon events are normally loyal to the people they support not always the cause. We have all the info we need in Sphere to email our thon event participants and we have very active email campaigns. So the first thing to determine is what do you really need in Sphere. When we used the plugin, we created an event and put in the participants. We only did this because we had to do it. We now only put in an Event ID. I can do that from the one export using the dictionary to put in a replacement value for a field from the Payment Detail Report. So now, we have an Event ID on each constituent record but no participants in the event. The ID easily tells us they participated. We can go to sphere for great reports.

I can still post our process if you think it will help. We have been very successful working this way but every company is different.

Debbie, would you be comfortable with me contacting you about how you manage your exports form Sphere? We just got IOM and do more than just Thons in Sphere and I'm having trouble figuring out how this should be managed.
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