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Constituent Action Note Types

Fairly new to Import-O-Matic and getting my imports set up.  I did a couple of Constituent Action imports - I have the field name "Constituent Action Note Type" - record type "Action Notepad - Type" - and nothing comes up for value type (it won't allow me to access/imput this field) - in my file that I'm importing in the Constituent Action Note Type is "Action Notes".....but when the import happens it creates this note type "RE7 - Added via Notes field".  I'm not finding where I can get it to recognize the note type that I'm trying to import.  What am I doing wrong and how can I correct it?  Thanks for any/all help!  Sue

Thanks Sharifa - that helps. Much appreciated. Sue
I find that it's really easy to import Actions using just a csv file of Constituent IDs, and an Action default set. That is, if it's the same Action for everyone.
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