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Importing gifts and missing dates


I am trying to do import of few thousand records and I am having problems with certain dates.
Ouside file contains donor info along with gifts and standard gift details (amount, date, receipt date, receipt number , receipt stack, receipt amount, fund, appeal, campaign...etc).  
I did test import file and I cant import 2 dates, acknowledge date for all gifts and receipt date for gift that were receipted (they are same as gift date).
I looked how fields were populated , tried to change settings in Excel sheet, confirmed config settings in RE and I cant find reason why these 2 dates were omitted. I tried to test importing only records that were receipted and still no date in these 2 fields while gift date and GL post date is correctly populated.
All other fields were imported correctly including acknowledge status and/or receipted Do not receipted
Any suggestion?

I cant either import birth date regardless how filed is formate ( full date or just year) but that's not important issue now.



Hi Misho,

Can you post what the date values look like? You might want to open the file in Notepad and copy the values from there, because Excel will mask what they look like.

No problem
Gift date  :2009/10/23,   Receipt date : 2009/10/23         Acknowledge date : 2009/10/23,
During import gift date will be imported correctly but receipt date or acknowledge date will be skipped.
I did copy/paste gift date in acknowledge date fields ( they are same) just to confirm that cell's are formatted same and have same data but still no date populated in RE.
Hi Misho,

That does seem odd. If you like, every Tuesday afternoon (right now!) we do an "office hours" where one of our Import-O-Matic experts holds an open webinar to answer questions and help people solve problems. You can join it right now by following the details in this link:

If that timing doesn't work for you, you may want to create a support case by emailing I'm sure we can get this straightened out for you.

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