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Importing Actions to the Raiser's Edge with Import-O-Matic (v. 1.8.4+)

We've received much interest in the new functionality in Import-O-Matic 1.8.4 to to import (or just add) action records to constituents. The cool thing is that you don't even have to add a single action field to your import, you can just tell IOM to add an action by setting an action default set on the Defaults tab of your profile.

To import action fields, simply map the field to action fields in your field mapping tab, like so:


You can set any default action fields you like by selecting an "action default set" on the Defaults tab of your profile, like so:


You can add/edit action defaults sets by going to RE --> Tools --> Organize/create defaults --> Actions, like so:


As mentioned above, one great feature is that you can create an action on the record without even having a single Action field in your source file! You can just select the action default set you want to use on any profile and, without a single action field in your source file, IOM will create those actions on all the constituents that are processed.

What do you think? Any ideas for making it better?





I have a spreadsheet I want to upload as actions. I want to show the category, action type, action date, solicitor, status, action completed and than add a notepad with the notes. Is this possible through import o matic? I don't see an option for solicitor or notes?

 Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for using the Forums to post your question.  Import-O-Matic version and higher supports the importing of Actions.  This update can be downloaded from our Forums at .
The option for importing Action Solicitors is not currently available in Import-O-Matic. However, we do hope to release that functionality in the near future.  The ability to import Action Notepads is available in the latest version of Import-O-Matic which is scheduled to be released this quarter.  We will be sure to notify you as soon as that version is available.  
Please let me know if you have any additional questions. 
Has the option to import Action Solicitors been added to IOM? This post is from 2010 with "hoped for" release in the "near future." Has that status changed?
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