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Organization contact info

I'm working with some files where organizations regularly give us their primary contact's first and last name at the org - it sure would be great if IOM had a way to handle org contacts...

Right now I split my files into 2, so orgs in 1 file and individuals in a 2nd file, since the presence of a first & last name defaults to a key indication of I, even with an Org name present (any way to radio-button that, so the presence of an org name will create an org record and ignore any fname/lname data?)

Then I go back in manually and add a contact to each org to add the fname/lname of the org contact.

Just another suggestion to put in the hopper, thanks much!

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Hi Faith,

Can you map org name to constit --> org name and first and last name to Ind Rel --> First and Ind Rel --> Last, respectively? Also, in v. 1.8 we just added some new fields for individual relationships on organizations:
Contact Type
Is Contact
Is Employee
Is Primary
Print Org

Thanks, we love hearing your suggestions!
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