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Duplicate match on attribute description?

Hi! I may have already had this asked and answered, so just give me a dope-slap if I need it. Can I match a record based on the value in a specific attribute description? Specifically, we are using Sphere, and the Sphere connector brings over a Sphere unique identifier. I'd like to use that to bring over other info that doesn't come over the sync (Volunteer Positions, for this project). I know I can copy that attribute over to alias, but every time someone makes a donation or signs up for something new, the sync brings over a new identifier and it overwrites the old one--make sense? Do I have to, each time, copy that identifier over to alias before I do my IOM magic?

Hi Karen,

IOM does not match on attributes, and using the alias is probably the easiest way to handle this. You could also do a query/export of the constituent id or import id along with the attribute value and then create a dictionary that converts the attribute value into the id and map that - a little round about but it should work too. Just be careful you don't exceed the limit of 999 dictionary entries.
Thank you!
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