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Importing by Attribute?

We have recently purchased Volgistics and are preparing to test with IOM.  Each volunteer who signs up through Volgistics will have a volunteer number.   We will receive two lists.  One with the name, address, volunteer number, etc., and one with the volunteer number, date they volunteered and hours.

The volunteer number will be imported as an attribute.

 My question is: Can I import the timesheet information by just the attribute or do I need the name and address or constituent code to do an import through IOM?

Thank you,

Hi Jeff!  Importing with an alias will work fine.  We don't need it as an attribute, we thought that may have to be the only way. 

I hope you are doing well.  We are still loving IOM!  Especially now with our new volunteer software being installed.

Hi Heather,

Long time! Hope you are doing well.

I would suggest importing the Volunteer ID as an alias... IOM will match right up to that. If you also need it as an attribute, you could use IOM 2.0's new "virtual fields" section to copy the incoming field value and have it go to two places (both the alias and the attribute). Will that work for you?

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