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Side-by-Side Comparison Window

Is there any way, when prosessing an import file, to include biographical fields, like middle name, into the comparison window?  That would be a tremendous help when going through large imports and an easy way to confirm a duplicate or not.

Hi, Patrick,

The side-by-side comparison window is what shows up after a match has been made and there are biographical changes to be made, if you have the setting chosen to show it. That screen will display middle name if you have the box checked to select the Bio1 name fields in the Constituent Field Updates portion of your profile configuration.

Are you perhaps referring to the Duplicate Search Matching Results screen? If so, having middle name display in this grid is not something that is currently available, but you can file it as a suggestion on User Voice (

When you get match results that need further investigation, you can drill into both the incoming data row and the constituent record, from the match results screen. Pages 90-93 in the most current User Guide cover this topic.

The most current User Guide can be downloaded here:


Tiffany - you are correct in that I'm referring to the Duplicate Search Matching Results screen. A question in the same area has to do with matching to an Alias field. If, for example, a person's last name is added as an Alias, will that fulfill the "match by alias" criteria? I have an alias field in my import file, a specific ID that can only exist on one record, and I want that specific Alias to be compared but nothing else. Because this Alias field is in the import file (and in the Field Map, the alias is set to "Match or Add") will that be the only alias field that is compared? I just want to make sure that if I select "First & Last or Org Name, Alias" for duplicate searching, a last name alias won't be accepted as a match.
Hi Patrick,

If you have an alias field (like "Last name") mapped to "Constituent Alias - Add", that value will not fire the autopick duplicate-matching function if you have it set to automatch on an exact match of "First & Last or Org Name, Alias".

Regarding adding standard fields to the Bio field comparison screen, I can see how this would be helpful but I can also see how it might freak out some users trying to figure out why those fields are being updated when they are not mapped in the file (or afraid that they are going to be replaced with a blank). You can, of course, access the whole constituent record by clicking on the link at the top of the form if you like (see screen shot below). One other possibility would be to add those fields you want to see as blank columns in your import file and map them appropriately, that will cause the fields to show in the bio comparison form (I tried that in the image below). Regardless, I think this would make a good suggestion on the IOM UserVoice site to see what other users think of the idea, would you mind proposing it there as well?



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