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regular expressions help

I am trying to create a dictionary for credit cards. So far the data field shows M-XXXX1111(with the last four numbers will vary off the credit card number).  I would like this to translate to Mastercard, Visa if it's V-XXXX2222, or American Express if it's A-XXXX3333. Is there a regular expression for this?

Hi Harriet,

Thanks for using the Import-O-Matic Forums.  You can try doing the following:

Replacement Value:  Visa 
Value to Match On:  V.*

This will insert the word Visa when the text is formatted like V-XXXX2222.  Please be sure to check the Use Regular Expressions checkbox at the bottom of the screen.  


You can use the same formula format for the other credit types that you have.  I hope you find this information helpful.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


thank you. that worked out perfectly.
Great! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
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