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Multiple Gift Import

We are trying to import the donors giving history.  I have each gift, date, amount, fund, in different columns. However, when it creates the import batch, it is only pulling the data from the first column.

I have read where split gifts need to be a two lines.  Do multiple gifts need to be treated the same or have I missed something in configuration to allow this?
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Hi Brian,

Multiple gifts typically go one-per-row. Gift splits are multiple-per-row. If you have control over the source of your data I would recommend reformatting it to be one gift per row. If not, you can create multiple profiles, each one set to process a span of columns comprising a single gift set in your file, then process the same file multiple times with the different profiles. If you do not have an exact constituent ID on each row, I would recommend having the first profile output the constituent import ID, so you'd only have to go through the constituent search process on the very first profile.

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