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Gift solicitors

Is there a way to have a donor's Primary Solicitor populate in the gift solicitor field through IOM? RE auto-populates this in other gift batches, but not in IOM.


Mike Christensen

Mercy Corps

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Hi Mike,

I set up a test for this and was able to reproduce the behavior you mentioned. After that, I was thinking that if we just added a solicitor column to the source file (we can specify solicitors by name, constit id, or primary key) and left it blank that the batch might be good enough to fill it in for us, but after some more testing found that it did not. I then added a solicitor column to a batch after it had been created by IOM to see if we could just tab through the fund field for each row to have the batch add the solicitor for us and it does. Obviously this is not ideal, but at least we haven't lost functionality. Because misery loves company, I set up an RE Import to see if it would add the solicitor to the gift and it does not either [please forgive my schadenfreude]. I've poked around a bit and do not see a straightforward way to auto-add the correct solicitor(s) to a gift, so I don't know that this is something we would be able to easily add to future versions, but we will keep our eyes open.

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